Today I sent the Director of SPUC a red nose.

Today I sent the Director of SPUC a red nose, and I hope that you might do the same.

red nosesWho are SPUC?

SPUC are a “pro-life” organisation who believe that life starts at the moment of conception. They oppose things that they believe harm unborn children such as abortion and gay marriage. I previously encountered SPUC last year at one of their pro-life rallies in the city of Bath, so when I heard about the ridiculous boycott of Red Nose Day I went straight to the Red Nose Day website, bought a red nose, and had it mailed to the SPUC Head office.

Why send a red nose?

John Smeaton, the director of SPUC called for people to boycott Red Nose day because money donated to Red Nose Day goes to charities that he claims

… are inimical to building a culture that respects all human life from conception.

Smeaton goes on to list International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the Terrence Higgins Trust as examples of such charities and states

Fundraising efforts should not be spoilt by having the money used to fund the destruction of human life.

This was an incredibly narrow view of the work that Comic Relief do all over the world, from helping young people with mental health issues to working with the disadvantaged in Africa, Asia and beyond and I felt compelled to do something to show that I didn’t agree. Sending a Red Nose to SPUC HQ seemed like a simple yet symbolic act to demonstrate that I disagree. Will it change the world? In a way… yes. 60p of the £1 I spent on the Red Nose will help Comic Relief with their work.

How to send a red nose to SPUC

1) Buy a Red Nose for £1 in store or from the Red Nose Day website store by clicking here.
2) Pop it into a padded envelope
3) Send it to:

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
3 Whitacre Mews
Stannary Street
SE11 4AB

The Red Nose Day website may offer you more than one option for 3 Whiteacre Mews. Select the B-D option.